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Paint on surfaces and stains on decks can start to fade and chip over time. Sometimes, before we can do new painting or staining, power washing is necessary to remove the old stain and paint. For quality power washing services, trust none other than Dumor Painting.

Power washing is the first step to restoring the beauty of your deck and walls. Before repainting your property, power washing its surfaces is highly recommended. This step is often overlooked in every painting project. However, if you read the labels on paint cans and staining products, they’ll all indicate that a surface should be clean before being coated with paint.

It’s always nice to start with a blank canvas, and power washing allows us to clear off any old stain and paint before we start bringing a new look to your home. On top of that, it rids your home of dust and other dirt that can be a source of allergens and indoor pollutants.

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I just wanted to put a good Word for Dumor Painting. The overall experience was great, with exceptional attention to detail and service. I would recommend highly it and Will call again as needed.

Jean-François M

Ottawa, ON

I wanted my two son’s rooms to be re-painted and each with an accent wall. The Dumor team had some great ideas to offer and were so efficient and professional with their work. We are beyond happy with how their rooms turned out and would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Maggie E

Ottawa, ON

I recently had to paint a 2000 square foot house. Dumor Painting was referred to me. They did a professional job and they are amazingly skilled. If you have any kind of painting job to be done they are definitely the team to talk to.

Eric S

Ottawa, ON

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